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Smart linking of applications and data

The best possible utilization of applications and data is important for all organizations, because reliable and high-performance IT encourage growth. However, everyday practical situations have taught us that many organizations get tangled up in their own IT landscapes. Systems don’t communicate and management information is inconsistent, leading to stagnation of your business.

We link these applications to one another, thereby enhancing information & security, cutting costs, and streamlining daily workflows. Software integration and data integration are often considered footnotes at the bottom of operational strategies. But these have – time and again – proved to be essential drivers for the achievement and safeguarding of growth. We get it done!

Integrated software means that you can provide your customers with better service.

Conditions for successful integration:

  • you already know exactly what you use your applications for
  • you already know exactly what data you need
  • you already know exactly when the data should be synchronized between applications

Data integration: (finally) get your data in order. Even if you use outdated systems or unusual formats, it’s technically quite possible to clearly present data in older systems.

What do our customers say about us?

Haarlem Municipality Self-service Counter

We wanted to migrate more than 20 municipal application processes, which would normally be by public services, to a self-service area. But we were silly in thinking that this would work in our standard GBA application. Luckily, Kodify took perfect care of everything.

CTVrede: linking customer container logistics to our back office

Our core activity is the transportation of containers from Rotterdam to any preferred destination. This often involves hundreds of containers in transit. And our customers want to be able to trace these containers in their own systems. This requires a certain amount of technological flexibility, because all these customers run different legacy systems. KODIFY did a great job in handling this for us.

We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we started the data migration process. Kodify was very professional in showing us what migrating 15,000 candidates with 12 terabytes of documentation to Salesforce involved. The data wasn’t just migrated, it was also cleaned up and now complies with GDPR requirements.

Albert Heijn Ecommerce

When it comes to the online sale of fresh bread, it’s important for the bread to be baked on the evening before delivery. This requires fully reliable software integration. Kodify managed this project with great success, including the GDPR and security formalities that were involved.

Want your software and data to perform?

Because of the explosive growth of applications, data, and databases, many organizations don’t have an up-to-date outlook on their IT landscape. And as a result, the facts that applications barely – or not at all – intercommunicate, and that management information is unreliable, can remain hidden. This can have major consequences. A subtle change sometimes has a great positive effect on the performance of your IT and your general operations. We are software and data integration experts who back up our meticulously acquired know-how with real results. If you’re interested, please contact us now. We’d love to help.

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