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Systems that don’t work. Manual data entry. Sky-high costs. Inconsistent management information. Bad strategic decisions.

Sound familiar? Do you know how to solve these problems? We do. The solution is data integration.

Data is the foundation on which to base strategic decision making. Without consistent data, there can be no intelligence. Every single manager knows that. Yet, recent research has shown that almost 40% of companies are not organized when it comes to management information. Relevant information about other departments is often lacking, especially among corporates. This undermines good management and reliable leadership. A complex software landscape creates a complex workflow which – in any case – provides management with on-time information. Whether that information is reliable or not. The consequences can be serious, sometimes even disastrous. Is the dataflow within your organization well organized?

Data, more data and even more data

The digital transformation means that companies are creating much more data. This data originates from countless new online applications and gets saved, often in separate databases. But not just the number of sources is growing at a fast rate, so is the size of these databases. Databases crammed with relevant information that should possibly be unlocked in real time according to a predetermined dataflow, which leads to a real-time dashboard that can enable managers to steer in a certain direction and make responsible, substantiated decisions. As long as there is intercommunication within your complex IT landscape. Kodify specializes in software integration and data integration.

Data integration directly contributes to operating profits

Data integration also makes your company’s operational performance more visible. With innovative tools, the performance of operational processes and the observance of procedures can be continuously monitored. As a manager, something like continuous monitoring allows you to be and remain in constant control. You’re able to quickly and effectively respond to anomalies in production processes, making these processes much more efficient and effective. You could keep encouraging your employees to take on more tasks, but this will make little sense if – in reality – machinery periodically grinds to a halt. Good data integration creates relevant insight and directly contributes to operating profits.

Advantages of data integration:

  • makes data available (in real time)
  • supports better decision making
  • enables more efficient performance
  • has a positive effect on operating profits
  • improves your competitive position
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