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Slow systems. Spiraling costs. Indifferent staff. Stagnating business. Thriving competitors.

Does this ring a bell? And do you know how to solve the problem? We do. The solution is software integration.

Digitale transformatie is key om bedrijven actueel en concurrerend te houden in een snel globaliseerde wereld. Het is van cruciaal belang om de productiviteit te verhogen en de workflow efficiency van uw bedrijf drastisch te verbeteren. Samen met consistente, realtime managementinformatie maakt u het verschil binnen uw markt. De praktijk is echter dat veel bedrijven beschikken over een verzameling van verouderde legacy systemen en nieuwe webbased applicaties. Uw bedrijf is verstrikt geraakt in een complex applicatielandschap. Uw backoffice is tijdrovend en communiceert onderling niet optimaal. Kortom; uw business stokt.

What do your employees really think?

A fragmented IT architecture often means that your employees are forced into doing tasks that don’t directly contribute to the performance of the company. They waste their talents and a lot of precious time on the manual transfer of data, on additional paperwork, and on searching outdated legacy systems for answers. There’s good reason why many employees complain about the quality of their jobs. They spend too much time on tasks that barely have an impact and focus too little on tasks that actually contribute to the set operational goals. Could your customers also be noticing this?

Software integration works for you!

In order to perform competitively as a company, all your operations-critical software must obviously be interconnected, i.e. data integration. You should be able to blindly trust the backbone of your business. Software should give you the best possible performance in real time. The software integration experts at Kodify will happily help you. We have 25 years of experience in the successful and reliable linking of complex software systems. Every business case should be commercially beneficial, stimulate greater job satisfaction, and lead to tangible savings, increased profits, and a ROI. If you’d like to know more, please contact us.

Another word about your customers…

Continuous growth of your customer base is a significant business driver for promoting the success of your company. When you operate in a highly competitive industry, it’s essential for your company to offer an exceptional customer experience. Current dynamics mean that you as a businessperson can, without warning, be faced with the risk of prospects taking their business to the competition. If customers cannot quickly obtain information about the status of their orders, if their problems aren’t solved in good time, or if the desired products are out of stock, they’ll become disgruntled and feel less inclined to carry on buying from you. Here, an integrated software system can – for instance – make sure that customers are given the right information and customer experience. Your employees will have direct access to all the relevant customer information so that they can create an optimum customer experience and ultimately sell your product. You see, software integration is a crucial factor within the entire chain.

All the advantages of software integration

The consistent mutual sharing of data between software packages – a common scenario – takes a lot of time, while expensive interim solutions are often implemented for the sake of convenience, although these will no longer be enough in the near future. Software integration removes the need to invest in such solutions, but also offers many more advantages:

  1. A single system to monitor
  2. Greater job satisfaction
  3. Improved information response time
  4. Better general system performance
  5. Automatic (real-time) data collection
  6. Better software compatibility
  7. Improved strategic decision making
  8. Modular approach

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