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Software and data professionals

Always focused on the ultimate goal

With more than 15 years of experience, Kodify’s consultants are all seasoned professionals when it comes to software and data integration. With our experience, we can take on virtually any challenge. Kodify is fast and accurate, always focused on the ultimate goal. We are enthusiastic and extremely flexible IT experts. The 9-to-5 mentality does not apply to us. We love our jobs, so we don’t mind working the occasional evening, night or weekend.

Marten van der Tempel

Integration Consultant

“Getting it done is ultimately the best approach. Planning is essential, but also completely useless if it doesn’t lead to anything. I really strive towards rounding things off. I don’t do half jobs or try to soothe engineering egos. What motivates me is the creation of real value.”

Specialty: Integration Governance and Project Management

Serge Salomons

Integration Engineer

“Coding is something I like doing. It is necessary for the realization of an integration that performs properly. With coding, I lay a solid foundation on which to base the eventual success of our customers. And that’s what it’s all about in the end!”

Specialty: API coding and ETL tooling

Maurits van der Schee

Integration Architect

“The best part is the fact that we initiate solutions that really work for our customers. In practice, this extends much further than just the technology. It also demands, for instance, perfect harmony between external teams.”

Specialty: Finding solutions that directly benefit customers (not necessarily technical)

Peter Swier

Database specialist

“Data manipulation is my thing. I use the right tooling to bring the right information to the surface. I find it an make it usable, regardless of whether it’s easily available or hidden deep inside legacy databases!”

Specialty: Data migration and data quality improvement

Hans Plaisier

Salesforce & Integration specialist

Data software integratie experts-Nederland-Team Kodify Hans

“The combination of Salesforce and Integration means that data becomes instantly visible in any Salesforce implementation. I spend my days navigating the Salesforce technological maze. The possibilities are literally endless once you’ve broken through the technological structure.”

Specialty: Salesforce &  integration

Tomasz Faldrowicz

Integration E2E Test Manager

Tomasz Faldrowicz

“Providing quality to existing and future solutions is always a true challenge. With proper technical knowledge and understanding of business requirements I am a link between business and software development. What drives me is the desire to constantly improve the customer`s business processes. ”

Specialty: Test management with extended experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365, PowerPlatform & Salesforce

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